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Prison Radio Show

Dec 12, 2020

Join PRS in imagining abolition by creating communities where we care for and keep one another safe in a world liberated from cages, police, and institutional state violence in part-two of our Toronto Prisoners’ Rights Project interview pre-recorded and aired on Thursday, December 10, 2020 on, 90.3 fm. TPRP  organizers, Rajean and Rosa get to the heart of their critical work supporting those on the inside with a jail hotline, a prisoner support fund and about the hard collective work of fostering real and practical ways to fight against the prison industrial complex and police by creating networks of self and community care and reflecting on black and Indigenous freedom and liberation movements like the Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter TO, the Bear Clan Patrol, as well as the racist white supremacist settler-colonial roots of policing in so called Canada, and the growing solidarity between black and Indigenous abolition movements regionally and across the continent.
TPRP is a coalition of researchers, law students, front-line workers and people with lived experience engaged in public education and mutual aid work to shed light on the harms caused by incarceration, and connect incarcerated and recently released populations with legal, community, financial, and health supports.