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Prison Radio Show

May 21, 2022

Today on the programme, we share with you a book launch event that took place at Ausgang Plaza earlier this month on May 3rd. The book is titled “Delivrez-nous de la prison Leclerc! un temoignage de l'interieur” and is by author Louise Henry, published by Ecosociete. It is about women provincial prisoners who were transferred in 2016 from Maison Tanguay to Leclerc, a former federal penitentiary for men that had been shuttered by the Canadian Government, deemed unfit for men, and now holds women in deplorable conditions. The book launch is a denunciation of the provincial government's shameful incarceration of women in a condemned penitentiary and the event is also a celebration.

We will hear the voices of Maria Nengeh Mensah, a professor at UQAM, Catherine Chesnay from CASIFQ or the Coalition d'action et de surveillance sur l'incarceration des femmes du Quebec, we will hear from the book's author Louise Henry, Camille from ecosociete, soeur Marguerite a long-time activist and defender of women prisoners' rights, Nancy, Genevieve, and finally, a song performed by Claudette Plante. Le programme aujourd'hui va être presenté en français.