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Prison Radio Show

Sep 27, 2021

Today's show features an update from a prisoner in Bordeaux, a provincial prison on the island of Montreal. In the piece, he talks about the situation in his sector, where prisoners have been locked down the majority of the time since March 2021. He reads two responses from the administration to complaints he has made about the lockdowns and the lack of access to air conditioning during the heat waves this summer.

We also feature an interview with Prisoner Rights and Justice Advocate, Lindsay Jennings. She has a dynamic approach to the provision of support to prisoners and former prisoners who are striving towards their community integration goals. Her areas of interest include sharing knowledge with individuals who are incarcerated about harm reduction and overdose prevention, and facilitating life-skills workshops with this marginalized population. She is a committed advocate who is passionate about bringing positive changes to those who are involved with the correctional and criminal justice systems by ensuring that substance use, mental health, and basic needs are addressed as immediately as possible once they have been admitted into custody, and throughout their incarceration. She works with the Toronto Prisoners’ Rights Project, and in the past, she has worked with PASAN and with the John Howard Society of Toronto’s Reintegration Centre, (a trailblazing Etobicoke facility that helps recently released former inmates return to society).