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Prison Radio Show

Dec 20, 2021

Today we are featuring audio from a talk that happened in Montreal on Sunday December 5th. The talk was called Insurgent Love: Abolition and Domestic Homicide. The talk featured Montreal based Black feminist community organizers and researchers Marlihan Lopez and Nathalie Batraville interviewing white feminist writer and organizer Ardath Whynacht. The call-out for the event described it as follows: How do we deal with dangerous forms of intimate violence in a post-carceral future? How can abolitionist frameworks help us tackle the most dangerous forms of intimate partner and family violence that can lead to homicide? How do we engage in transformative justice in the wake of a homicide? Join Ardath Whynacht, Marlihan Lopez and Nathalie Batraville in a conversation about transformative, community-based and abolitionist approaches to domestic homicide. The prison radio show was there to record the talk. We didn’t get our best audio ever, but we hope this is listenable! Obviously a content warning that this talk features in depth conversations about violence, including sexual violence.