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Prison Radio Show

May 14, 2021

This episode showcases some events from the life of Dacajeweiah, also known as Splitting the Sky, who was a Kanienʼkehá꞉ka man who spent time in prison and was in Attica during the uprising in 1971. He was subsequently released and participated in a number of land defense struggles, including the struggle for Ganienkeh and prisoner support for those arrested in the Gustafsen Lake standoff. His stories intertwining prisoner struggles and Indigenous land defense struggles offer a particularly clear way to understand the connections between colonialism and the carceral system. Audio for this episode came from: – Burning Books Buffalo audio – Seattle Breaking the Chains conference audio – Canadian TV show Niteline footage – Submedia video about Gustafsen Lake - more information about Ganienkeh

Musical interludes came from the song Suite pour l'invisible by Ana Roxanne.